Commission Meeting Highlights - February 4, 2014

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Commission Meeting Highlights

February 4, 2014

Corrections: The map amendment to the South Side of Highland Pike to change from Residential suburban(RS-7.5)  to Agricultural (AG)was incorrectly listed as being approved on 2.4.2014. The reading on 2.4.14 was the first reading and the vote for action will take place on 2.18.2014.


Vision 2015’s Kristine Frech presented myNKY, a Community Engagement Campaign, that aims to survey citizens and understand their desires for future regional development. Vision 2015 asks that the public participate in campaign and make their voice heard, by visiting the website


Staff Changes

Commission approved the following staff changes:

  • Darryl Strong, Special Projects Director, is retiring February 28, 2014 after three decades of employment with the City. 
  • Creation of a new position, ‘Information Technology and Data Manager’. The role will provide City Department-wide information technology and data management services to provide the City staff and Commission with greater data-driven decision making capabilities. The new position will allow a City department-wide coordination of effort and reduce some of the expenditures currently outsourced to technology vendors. The position will also be a great resource to the Finance Department as it implements new financial software.
  • The hiring of Vickie L. Cox as Assistant Finance Director, a newly created position within the City to assist the Finance Director. Ms. Cox has worked in public accounting and auditing of public account for many years. She is very familiar with government account standards, and non-profits and school districts in Covington and Northern Kentucky. 
  • The retirement of Captain Charles Johnson from the Covington Fire Department, effective January 31, 2014. Captain Johnson has served the Covington Fire Department for 20 years. He has served the Department and the City well and best wished are extended for his future endeavors.
  • The employment of Mary Camille Mersch as Clerk/Typist I in the Section 8 Department, Effective February 10, 2014. Ms. Mersch was previously employed for 15 years at the Toyota Manufacturing Company as an Executive Assistant to the President. 
  • An order resolution was passed approving the discontinuation of Paramedic Status for Paramedic/Lieutenant Chris Vogelpohl of the Covington Fire Department, effective February 9, 2014. Also within the Fire Department, Firefighter Brian Moellinger’s pay status was changed from Grade I Firefighter to Grace I Paramedic/Firefighter, effective February 9, 2014.

Wineries in Covington

Commission heard the first reading for a map amendment to the South Side of Highland Pike to accommodate future plans for a small farm winery. the area was amended from Suburban Residential (RS-7.5) to Agricultural (AG). The amendment was initiated by a property owner based on future plans for a small farm winery and other ancillary uses. Voting on the action is scheduled for February 18, 2014.


UpTech Subleases City Property

Commission approved the Mayor and City Manager to consent to an assignment and assumption of sublease between UpTech Vision LLC and UpTech, Inc. The City currently leases 108-112 West Pike Street from Pike Star, LLC and subleases the premises to UpTech Vision LLC. UpTech Inc. officially assumed all of UpTech Vision, LLC’s operations as of January 1, 2014. UpTech Vision LLC requires the City’s consent to assign the sublease for 108-112 West pike Street to UpTech, Inc.



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