Commission Meeting Highlights - January 21, 2014

Staff Notes

Commission approved the naming of the road encircling the Department of Public Improvements on Boron Drive as “Charles Menke Way” in honor of a long-standing and well-loved City employee. Charlie Menke was hired by the City in 1972 and worked tirelessly in the Department of Public Improvements until his retirement in 2011. DPI employees wished to honor Mr. Menke by naming the road after him.​

Commission approved the retirement of Darryl Strong, an employee within the Finance Department for the last 42 years. ​ City Engineer Mike Yeager was appointed as the City’s alternate representative on the OKI executive Board, for a one-year period, effective January 1, 2014.

Board Appointments

Commission approved the following:

Reappointment of Allen Wilkinson to the City Employees’ Non-Uniform Civil Service Commission for a three-year term, effective September 25, 2013 and expiring September 24, 2016.

The reappointments of Don Smith and Pamela Mullins to the Covington Human Rights Commission for three-year terms, effective November 11, 2013 and expiring November 10, 2016.

Joe Schamer was reappointed to the Code Enforcement Hearing Board for a three-year term, effective February 6, 2014 and expiring February 5, 2017.