Covington-opoly Game Features Familiar Venues

COVINGTON - Covington-opoly is a Covington-themed version of the popular family board game Monopoly, and will be available for purchase starting Black Friday until stock runs out. The board game will be available for $25 through the Renaissance Covington office as well as some retail destinations including Roebling Point Books & Coffee, located at 3rd and Greenup Street.

The game is designed to represent diverse business districts, neighborhoods, and organizations from throughout the city. For example, you may land on and buy the deed for the goose Girl fountain, Trinity Episcopal Church or Ritte's Corner.

Covington businesses and organizations will be represented on the game cards, either as an advertisement on the back of the deed card or a mention on a draw card. One example of a draw card mention comes from Latonia and says, "Boo! You got scared at the Latonia Halloween Block Party. Go back five spaces." All Covington business and organizations are encouraged to sponsor the game and be featured for $50 per card. Spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis and the deadline is this Friday September 13, 5pm.

The game is full of great local references. For example, instead of a "Go To Jail" card, you may have to "go to the Covington Police Station for questioning".

Covington-Opoly is the third in the series of Community Pride Merchandising that is produced each holiday season by Renaissance Covington, as a means to fundraise for the organization. Past campaigns include 'I Lov the Cov' t-shirts and 'Cov' beanies.

Renaissance Covington, Inc. is a non-profit organization which was created for the purpose of revitalizing downtown Covington. The goal is to make downtown economically viable by capitalizing on a rich stock of historic buildings while identifying ways to meet the needs of contemporary society.

For more information about the game including retail or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Katie Meyer 859.292.2166 or