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The mission of the Solid Waste and Recycling Division is twofold: One, to provide quality waste management services to our citizens and businesses safely, professionally, and at a reasonable cost. And two, to develop an evolving recycling program that helps protect the environment for future generations.   


The City’s service provider is Rumpke Waste & Recycling, reached at (800) 828-8171.

Trash Collection and Curbside Recycling

  • To arrange for new service, residents should call Rumpke.
  • Collection schedule:
    • Trash is collected once a week based on this SCHEDULE in the map below. To view a larger map click, HERE.

  • On holidays, collection follows normal schedules except Christmas and New Year’s Day. During those weeks, the collection schedule is pushed back a day starting with the holiday itself.
  • Commercial accounts: All businesses must contract with Rumpke for waste collection and recycling services. For additional details related to waste collection at commercial buildings, see HERE
  • Multi-family residential accounts: All multi-family residences with five or more units must contract directly with Rumpke for waste collection and recycling services.
  • New development: Note that any developer building a new commercial building or multi-family complex (or substantially renovating an existing site) must submit a waste management plan to the City and Rumpke for approval.


Curbside recycling service is offered at no additional charge to residents with solid waste accounts. To sign up, call Rumpke at (800) 828-8171.

  • Video featuring Rumpke’s recycling facility.

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  • City of Covington Solid Waste & Recycling Division, (859) 292-4417.

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