Recreation Amenities


Covington’s many recreational amenities encourage outdoor activity and healthy living. Residents and visitors have plenty of options to choose from, ranging from the 700+ acre Devou Park, which boasts a golf course, bandshell, and trails, to a wonderful host of small neighborhood parks scattered throughout the city, with picnic shelters, basketball courts, and ball fields. Below is a map of Covington parks. Click on the park to view additional information including available amenities. 


Park Amenities

All recreational greenspace owned by the City is available for rent through the Recreation Department. Below is a list amenities that the City's parks offer, available to both visitors and residents.

  • Picnic Shelters: Many of Covington’s greenspaces offer covered picnic shelters that provide a shady venue for an outdoor event. Residents and non-residents looking to rent any shelter or greenspace must obtain a permit through the City. Popular use of these facilities includes special events like family reunions, company picnics, weddings, birthday parties and other gatherings.

  • Grills: Many parks offer grill stations for public use that are located near the picnic shelters. All grills are fueled by charcoal and people must supply their own tools to use them.

  • Playgrounds: Many parks throughout the city offer playgrounds, including both neighborhood parks as well as Devou Park. Each playground typically includes swings, slides and climbing structures that are suitable for children up to age 12. Each park meets State safety standards.

  • Soccer Fields: Bill Cappel Youth Sports Complex offers two soccer fields suitable for both youth and high school play. Usage of these fields is by permit only. Fields are open all year, weather permitting from dawn to dusk.

  • Ball Fields: Five parks in Covington offer a total of 9 ball fields that cater to both baseball and softball for youth, high school and adults. Usage of these fields is by permit only. Fields are open all year, weather permitting, from dawn to dusk. Some fields offer lighting, pending permit approval. Request for light usage and after-hour access to fields may result in additional fees.

  • Basketball Courts: Seven parks in Covington offer a total of 11 basketball courts with regulation-height basketball goals that caters to youth and adults. Usage of courts are first come first serve or by permit. Courts are open all year from dawn to dusk.

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