Covington enjoys an extremely engaged community, largely thanks to its nineteen active neighborhood associations. Partner organizations such as the Covington Neighborhood Collaborative and the Center for Great Neighborhoods work to foster a collective federation of residents into a unified voice that influence city policy and help sustain a high quality of life. The City works directly with these organizations, and others, to involve residents from all neighborhoods on City decisions that will affect them. If you are a new resident, welcome to our community and we hope the resources here can help put you in touch with your neighborhood association.


Covington Neighborhood Collaborative

The Covington Neighborhood Collaborative (CNC) is a non-profit organization that represents a federation of the majority of Covington’s nineteen Neighborhood Associations and provides support, assistance and promotion that enable neighborhood associations to enrich the quality of life for residents. The organization accomplishes this mission by gathering and disseminating information and resources, helping neighborhoods build and maintain effective organizations, coordinating residents on city-wide projects, providing a united neighborhood voice on city-wide issues, and increasing the capacity of neighborhood associations. The CNC works closely with the Center for Great Neighborhoods, an organization that offers the CNC administrative support. To learn more about individual Covington neighborhood’s, visit the CNC website.

Center for Great Neighborhoods

Since 1976 the Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington (CGN) has been a vehicle of support for community residents seeking to improve the quality of their lives and their community. By focusing on building the capacity of residents, supporting and encouraging citizen engagement and promoting partnerships between residents, government, schools and business, CGN has been able to have a significant impact on the positive development of Covington.

CGN currently focuses on Neighborhood and Housing Development, Youth Development and Financial Education, as well as providing Administrative support to the Covington Neighborhood Collaborative. To learn more about CGN’s resources and programs, visit the CGN website.

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