New Covington officer has 25 years’ experience

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New Covington Police Officer Jacob Noe displays his new badge as Police Chief Rob Nader and Mayor Joe Meyer look on.

COVINGTON, Ky. – Covington’s newest police officer is a military veteran who has served the public by enforcing the law and protecting citizens in Kenton County for 25 years. 

Jacob Noe, who retired from Kenton County Police in 2016 and has patrolled in the city of Taylor Mill since then, was sworn in during a brief, socially distanced ceremony on Tuesday at Covington City Hall.
“He brings a lot of experience, and he’s a good officer,” Covington Police Chief Rob Nader said. “We’re so fortunate to attract officers who can share their knowledge and their experiences with the younger members of our department.”
Noe also served as a field training officer in Kenton County and as a firearms instructor in Taylor Mill, as well as helping to train recruits there.
He was a sergeant in the United States Army and has a bachelor’s degree of arts and justice studies from Northern Kentucky University.
Since he is already certified as an officer by the state, he will begin patrolling in Covington as soon as he completes in-housing training, Nader said.
Noe’s hiring was approved by the Covington Board of Commissioners on Jan. 12, 2021.
His hiring brings Covington to 112 of 114 sworn positions, although because of a backlog at the state-run Law Enforcement Basic Training Academy, several new hires from last fall are still waiting to go through the academy.
Before issuing the oath of office, Mayor Joe Meyer praised the leadership and officers at Covington PD and stressed to Noe the importance of maintaining the department’s strong relationship with the community it serves.

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