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COVINGTON, Ky. – Last year we used this space to crack jokes about the odd-sounding names for Santa Claus around the world. This year, we’re mourning.
Bars and restaurants are now allowed to use up to 50 percent of their indoor seating capacity, and we strongly urge you to support them. We also hope you patronize Covington’s small retailers as you work down your Christmas shopping list. We really want them and their employees to survive.
But please please please follow COVID-19 safety protocols as you do so.
It’s true that vaccines are arriving, and that Gov. Beshear’s restrictions have paid off in Kentucky with steadily decreasing positivity rates.
But today, a mind-boggling 54 deaths related to the coronavirus were reported, far and away above the previous record of 37. That’s 54 more families grieving this holiday season.
… So be cautious as you take in this weekend’s events:
Emerging artists
“Never seen in public before” is one hook for the “Same Again” exhibition at The Carnegie this weekend.
A more intellectual hook is this: Featuring almost two dozen artists from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, the exhibit draws largely from works created for thesis exhibitions that examine “how dramatic shifts in societal priorities and common concerns impact emerging artists” and that “reveal the ways in which new circumstances influence how art is both produced and interpreted.”
The gallery will be open Saturday and Sunday with other hours by appointment.
Info, HERE.
R. DeAndré & G. Kelly
Also at The Carnegie this weekend:
The Tiny Concert Series will feature R. DeAndré Smith and the sounds of Wintry Wonderland. It’s Friday night, and if you can’t go in person (limited seats are available), you can also purchase a streaming link.  Info and tickets, HERE.
The Community Film Series will feature “Singing in the Rain,” that Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds classic that you either love, or you’ve only vaguely heard of. This will be Sunday, and again seats are limited. Info, HERE.
Face mugs & more
Oh the things – i.e. “creations” – a talented potter/ceramic artist can produce.
Come see for yourself on Saturday, when artist Ken Raines displays an array of his work and talks about it at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop. We’re talking bowls, mugs, face mugs, Christmas ornaments etc. – plus some turned-wood pieces as well.
Can you say “Christmas presents,” and unique ones at that?
Info, HERE.
Wrapping like a boss
Imagine learning to wrap presents so beautifully that your loved one never ever ever opens the present for fear of ruining your work of art.
Now you can: If your less-than-mediocre wrapping skills make the presents you give look like a wadded-up bunch of wet something or other that a cat coughed up, head to Local Studio 325 on Sunday for “Gift Wrapping 101.”
Because … COVID! … seats are limited. Info, HERE.  
Also at Local Studio 325 (“We’re all about local”) this weekend:
·      Friday night, “Wine & Holiday Craft: Engraving” workshop, HERE.
·      Saturday morning, “Wreath Making Workshop,” HERE
·      Saturday morning, “Kids Christmas Cards Workshop,” HERE.
30! vendors
The last market day of 2020 occurs Saturday at the Covington Farmers Market, and you don’t want to miss it.
Over 30 vendors will featuring food products and gift ideas (including 10 “guest” vendors).
Info, HERE.
Trails need friends
Work off those Christmas fudge calories and help improve the trails at the fabulous Devou Park at the monthly Devou Third-Sunday Trailday.
It’s Sunday, of course, and you don’t need any experience – just the will to work and perhaps get a little dirty.
It’s sponsored by Devou Park Trails and Ride the Cov.
Info, HERE.
And then there’s … Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck at The Roost in Latonia on Saturday, HERE … the Covington Bourbon Experience (aka Pedal Wagon), all weekend, HERE … the monthly Hike Dat Ish on Sunday in Devou Park, HERE … and the Community Karma Class on Friday at Sage Yoga Co., HERE.