ReCov, Memorial Day & Sandshrews

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COVINGTON, Ky. - First, the solemnity: Monday is Memorial Day, and although the parade had to be canceled this year, that doesn’t absolve us of the obligation to think about the sacrifice that so many made over the years so we could enjoy freedom and a higher quality of life.
There are many names of Covington natives on plaques around town, and many families who still grieve. We thank them greatly, and we urge everyone to take a few minutes Monday and ponder ...
Now, for the exciting stuff:
Reopen Respect ReCov
Restaurant dining rooms can reopen Friday (with limitations), and it’s a cause for celebration. #LoveTheCov is burgeoning with unique, authentic restaurants that serve everything from Korean bento boxes to Guatemalan chicken to bar-b-cue smoked outdoors near a brewery to deep-fried cheese curds to burgers cooked on a 1939 griddle.
We sure missed them (although we sure ate a lot of carryout over the last couple of months).
But ... there will be restrictions, safety protocols, and proper social distancing - and you must abide by those. (Such as “No seat, no service” -- meaning, this is dining, not festival congregating.)
To help out the restaurants, which are only allowed to use one-third of their interior tables, the City created a new program that allows restaurants to apply for more outdoor seating on sidewalks, in alleys and parking lots, and in metered parking spaces. See HERE.
Many of them are doing so.
So ... we encourage y’all to go to your favorite Covington restaurant but do so in a safe way.  
FFN, live-streamed tonight
They played on the Seventh Street Stage at BLINK and also put out a video called “Walking in Latonia” full of scenes from the neighborhood.
Now Covington-based rock band Frontier Folk Nebraska (btw not “folk” and not from the Cornhusker State) will appear tonight on the live-streamed version (episode 9) of the Whispering Beard: Home Edition concert.
Take a listen. All donations go to the musicians and production crews.
The concert, which starts at 8:30 p.m. and lasts until 1:29 a.m., can be accessed HERE. And don’t be late: Frontier Folk Nebraska is reportedly first up.
Produce & plants
Want some tasty locally grown and produced foods? Want to support local farmers and artisans? Looking to plant your own garden and would rather have “farmer-approved” plants?
Check out the Covington Farmers Market on Saturday morning, rain or shine, at Third and Court streets.
Pay attention to safety protocols. Info, HERE.
Books on loan, to go
It’s said that the world is divided into two camps - those who read and those who don’t.
If you’re the former and you’ve run out of things to read, here’s a great deal: Books from the Kenton County Public Library’s pickup window.
Go online, order ahead, wait for the notice, and then show up. Friday’s hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday’s are 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Info, HERE.
Blastoise & Wartortle
Speaking of the library, if you know what weakens a Galarian Zigzagoon and how to win a Hex Maniac medal, the Pokemon Facebook Live trivia contest is for you (or your kids).
The 30-minute event starts at 10 a.m. Friday and is hosted by the library.
Info, HERE.
And then there’s ... the maiden “voyage” of the Working With Autism food truck Saturday morning in the Covington Tobacco and Liquor parking lot, HERE ... an Online Happy Hour on Friday night, sponsored by the Tri-state Freethinkers, HERE ... and Reiki sessions at Warrior Spirit Wellness, HERE.