Job openings feature outdoor work

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Covington’s Public Works Department is looking to hire an array of landscape and maintenance workers for the coming year to do things like cut grass, trim weeds, paint crosswalks, and clean out drainage ditches. Here, two permanent employees -- laborer V James Johnson and driver Bryan Snider – knock back brush on the riverfront.

As weather warms, Public Works, Parks & Rec need temporary hires

COVINGTON, Ky. - Like to work in the great outdoors?
Want a job that will help you build a resume, experience, and work history?
Two City of Covington divisions - Public Works and Parks & Recreation - are looking to hire temporary, or “seasonal,” workers who will tackle an array of primarily outdoors duties as the weather gets warmer.
Links and application instructions to all of the openings can be found
Public Works
Every year, the City’s Public Works Department takes on landscape and maintenance workers, and this year it hopes to hire at least a half dozen.
Duties will include cutting grass, trimming weeds, pruning bushes and trees, removing litter, planting and watering trees, painting and repairing fences, cleaning out drainage ditches, sharpening tools, making minor equipment repairs, cleaning swimming pools, and painting crosswalks on streets.
“It’s never the same thing. You never know what assignment is going to come in that day, so it’s definitely not stagnant,” said Troy McCain, supervisor of the General Maintenance division.
McCain said being able to work outside instead of “stuck in a factory or chained to a desk” is part of what makes the job so attractive.
The full-time positions typically last from April to December and generally feature 8 a.m. -4 p.m. shifts, Monday through Friday. Pay is $13 an hour.
Applicants must be 18 and have a driver’s license and need a strong work ethic more than any particular skill or expertise.
It’s a perfect job for new high school graduates who don’t yet have a lot of work experience or a long resume, McCain said. Many workers have used the job as a stepping stone to other jobs or even permanent employment with the City, he said.
Parks & Recreation
The Parks & Rec Division is looking to hire three part-time people - one who will assist the Parks Project Coordinator and two who will assist the Recreation Coordinator.
The Parks employee will help with day-to-day operational activities involving maintenance and projects, including things like preparing shelters for rental, removing invasive species on trails, overseeing volunteer-led service days, coordinating tree- and garden-planting events, and helping maintain park features like pollinator gardens.
The Recreation employees will help plan, promote, set up and staff program activities and events. It will involve working with the public, including children and the elderly, and could require periodic weekend or evening work.
Both types of positions typically last from March through the Fall. Pay is $13.26 an hour, and they’ll require 15-20 hours a week.
The deadline to apply for both positions is March 8.
“We’re a fun team, and we rely on these positions to help us do what we do, which is to use Covington’s parks and playgrounds to develop a family-friendly, inclusive community experience,” Parks & Recreation Manager Rosie Santos said.
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