Street hockey, RNCs & H/T turns 80

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COVINGTON, Ky. - Whether you’re into outdoor movies, pop-up art galleries, or rear naked chokes (the martial arts submission hold, guaranteed to make you go nighty-night if you don’t tap quick enough), this weekend in LoveTheCov has an event for you.
See, we do things a little different. So the sports featured this weekend are a street hockey tournament, outdoor yoga, and MMA bouts. A Lewisburg tavern is holding a party for its 80th. And local art and artisans are the attraction at the Farmers Market, Covington’s indie bookstore, and Holy Cross High.
You could also help beautify Madison Avenue on your way to a fun-filled Saturday.
Hold the ice
Some people talk about the Reds, Cardinals and Cubs.
In Covington, we brag about the Mainstrasse Misfits, the Roebling Trolls, the Kenny Shields, and the Goebel Goats.
Who needs boring baseball when you have street hockey, and specifically the Covington Street Hockey League’s first tournament of the year.
It happens Saturday at the City’s Kenney Shields Park, and of course there’s Braxton Beer involved.
Info, HERE.
Leave no child inside
Covington will celebrate National Kids to Parks Day on Saturday morning at Randolph Park with an event that features a little something of everything - including family-friendly yoga, kickball, face-painting, free lunch, and more.
It’s the Covington Parks & Recreation’s Spring Into the Outdoors event.
Info, HERE.
Planting planters, Madison style
Those colorful flowers in the planters along Madison Avenue aren’t put there by one of the Grimm brothers’ elves.
They’re planted by volunteers, and this year that work will happen at 9 a.m. Saturday. Come join the fun and feel the camaraderie. No green thumb required.
Info, HERE.
Pop-up art
Almost everybody who walks in Roebling Point Books & Coffee falls in love with its character and personality.
Cuz, you know, books.
Now here’s another reason: On Saturday, RoPoBoCo will host a pop-up gallery featuring a huge array of local artists.
Info, HERE.
Herb & Thelma’s turns 80
It’s a Covington institution - and on Saturday, Herb & Thelma’s Tavern is celebrating its 80th year.
Party inside and outside in Lewisburg with historic Schoenling Lager Beer (and other brews, of course), as well as the grill’s famous cheeseburgers.
Info HERE or HERE.
Kimuras, guillotines & D’arce chokes
MMA (as in mixed martial arts) isn’t for everybody.
But if you like to see how various styles of fighting disciplines match up against each other when practiced by well-honed athletes, go to Hits Entertainment Complex on Saturday, where a dozen or more bouts take place as part of Premier MMA Championship 12.
No, Jon Jones and JoJo Calderwood likely won’t be there, but expect to see a whole stable of talented up-and-comers.
Info and tickets, HERE.
Produce and more
It’s the third Saturday of the month, so that means the Covington Farmers Market will feature Kentucky artisans selling their wares (ceramics, clothes and more).
Of course, that’s in addition to the customary fresh produce, vegetable and herb starts, flowers, pies, pastries, pasture-raised meats and eggs, spice rubs and blends, etc.
Check it all out - plus your Covington Farmers Market swag - 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on Third Street.
Info, HERE.
Movie in the courtyard
Back in the day, drive-in movies were the rage. In Covington, we play movies in parks, cemeteries and courtyards.
This Sunday, Courtyard Movie Night at Hotel Covington opens its season with a film partly filmed right here in LoveTheCov, the disturbing “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile.”
It’s free, with plenty of opportunities to buy snacks and drinks. Info, HERE.
Chase your dream, pursue your hobby
Whether you’re into photography or pottery, painting or pastels, mosaics or macramé, Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center likely has a class for you AND your children.
Today through Saturday, the center is holding open registration for summer classes.
So whether it’s a dream or a hobby, sign up now. Info, HERE.
And then there’s ... Yoga on the Promenade, Sunday in MainStrasse Village, HERE ... Bar 32’s five-year anniversary party, all weekend, HERE ... the Bone Soirée Dog Brunch w/ Pet Cakes on Saturday at Coppin’s at Hotel Covington, HERE ... Paw Prints and Pints at Gypsy’s, with Uptown Art and Rover-the-Rhine, Saturday, HERE ... the Blossom with Care Activity Fair on Sunday at Goebel Park, HERE ... Holtman’s Popup Donuts at Braxton on Friday morning, HERE ... the screening of “Selma” (and discussion) on Saturday afternoon at the Kenton County Public Library, HERE ... and the Holy Cross Student Art Show, Friday evening, HERE.