This Saturday, Be the Spirit of Progress

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Dear Covington Friend,


What an awesome time for our City with so many good things going on. Covington has good bones with rich cultural heritage and the amazing people who contribute to our diverse, passionate and vibrant community.


Some of these amazing people are the ones who are working to make the COV200 a great celebration.  This is a celebration that will bring positive attention to our City and a celebration that will stand out in history.  


A big part of the COV200 is structured to Give Back, help neighbors help neighbors. To me, it is the best feeling ever when you are able to contribute to a project that accomplishes something positive and in the process you feel part of a loving and supportive community.


Please be part of this awesome time for Covington.  Join COV200 in helping us in celebrating Covington's 200 birthday this Saturday and become part of Give Back!  


You will be creating good memories and good will in the process.


Please join COV200 and your neighbors this Saturday December 13th to take part in one of the four volunteer projects that is happening on the second COV200 Impact Day - just visit their website here.


Best wishes to all,

Sherry Carran

Mayor - City of Covington