The Solid Waste Division manages the contract between Rumpke and the City for solid waste management and recycling services. 

The Solid Waste Coordinator manages and monitors the franchised waste and recycling collection services between the City of Covington and Rumpke. Should you have any issue with commercial or residential trash and/or recycling collection services please contact Rumpke Waste & Recycling at 1-877-786-7537. Should the problem persist please contact our Solid Waste Coordinator at the number listed below.

The Solid Waste Coordinator works to improve and develop a waste system that promotes and maintains a high level of public health and safety, and which protects the natural and human environment of the City of Covington, Ky.  The Solid Waste Coordinator’s focus areas are waste stream reduction, recycling, and landfill diversion.

The Solid Waste Coordinator educates the public about proper waste and recycling management, eviction debris disposal, illegal dumping, and bulk collection and enforces sanitation and health ordinances.  The Solid Waste Coordinator collaborates with Keep Covington Beautiful to develop alternative collection programs for hard to recycle items such as electronics, confidential paper documents, hazardous liquid waste and tires. Please visit for more information about collection programs.  

The Solid Waste Division holds the responsibility for ensuring prompt trash collection and waste removal in the city and is responsible for the following services:

  • Commercial and Residential Trash Collection
  • Recycling
  • Bulk Collection
  • Eviction Clean-up
  • Illegal Dumping

Our Partners

The Solid Waste Division works with a number of local and regional partners including:

Kenton County has replaced its “open dumping days” with a voucher program system. Residents who obtain a voucher can take unwanted waste direct­ly to Bavarian Landfill in Walton during normal business hours Monday through Saturday. The vouchers are available at the Kenton County Public Works office on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information on the vouchers and what waste will be accepted, contact Kenton County at (859) 392-1920 or see HERE.

For more information on solid waste and recycling in the region, check out the Northern Kentucky Solid Waste Resource Guide.

What Happens to Covington's Trash?

Rumpke collects trash from City residents and businesses and transports its Northern Kentucky landfill in Pendleton County for disposal. Learn more about Rumpke’s landfills here:

What Happens to Covington's Recycling?

Rumpke collects recyclables from City residents and businesses and transports it to its state of the art recycling facility located in St. Bernard, Ohio, to process. Learn more about the recycling process here:

How to Recycle Things That Can't Go in Your Recycling Cart

Your City-issued, green recycling cart is limited to only certain materials for recycling. You can find a list of those items hereBelow are a list of programs for recycling items that Rumpke is unable to accept:

Do you recycle? Please take a few minutes and complete the City's Recycling Survey.