Covington Connect


“Covington Connect” is an aggressive effort to smash the digital divide in Covington by expanding access to free public Wi-Fi through much of the City.

The project included running new fiber to the City Heights and Latonia Terrace housing complexes and setting up 124 Wi-Fi “hotspots” that create “zones of connectivity.”

How To Register

See this FLIER (o este FOLLETO escrito en espaƱol) for instructions on how to register and connect to the free City of Covington network provided by Cincinnati Bell.


 See this MAP to locate the “hotspots” offering free Cincinnati Bell Wi-Fi. They’re  concentrated in eight neighborhoods where the most Covington students live – Eastside, Helentown, Austinburg, Peaselburg, Levassor Park, Lewisburg, Latonia, and West Covington. Note, however, that Wi-Fi connectivity and the strength of the network signal depend upon a number of geographic and construction factors.


“Covington Connect” is a collaborative effort involving the City of Covington, Cincinnati Bell, the Housing Authority of Covington (HAC), Covington Independent Public Schools, Renaissance Covington, local computer firms Blair Technology Group and ReGadget, and Comp-U-Dopt, a Houston-based non-profit organization.


With the internet increasingly necessary to do everything from applying for a job to accessing health care to acquiring skills and training, Covington believes that all its families deserve access to education and economic opportunity.

The original announcement on July 8, 2020

Video of the press conference

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