General Maintenance


The General Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining our public infrastructure. Division responsibilities include street cleaning, green space and alley maintenance, graffiti abatement, as well as special area litter control and fall leaf collection.

The Division Supervisor reports directly to the Department of Public Works.

General Maintenance is responsible for the following programs:

  • Snow Removal
  • Street Sweeping
  • Leaf Collection

See below for more information and schedules.

Have a question or an issue related to streets, sidewalks, or other public spaces? You can call the Department of Public Works at (859) 292-2292.

Street Sweeping

Crews from the Public Works Department’s General Maintenance Division regularly “sweep” Covington’s streets.


Regular sweeping both keeps Covington looking attractive and makes up an important part of infrastructure maintenance. Debris and litter wash into catch basins and other parts of the storm water system, where they can cause backups and contaminate what eventually becomes the region’s drinking water. Separately, dirt that collects in crevices in gutters create fertile areas for weeds, whose roots cause damage that costs taxpayers to fix.


Public Works operates two regenerative air sweepers that use brushes to “sweep” debris toward the underside middle of the truck, where it’s “vacuumed” and picked up. Meanwhile, 10 spray nozzles help to keep down dust.


The City typically cleans its downtown commercial routes once a week and its residential streets three times a year.

No parking

  1. On-street parking is prohibited on street-sweeping days, and cars left in the path of the sweeper are subject to ticketing. The City sweeps the two sides of its streets on different days so residents can temporarily move their cars across the street. The sweepers operate 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. but are generally finished by lunchtime.

To find out when to move your car:

  • Pay attention to signage: Streets in the commercial district that are swept weekly have permanent signage. On residential streets that are swept seasonally, crews put up temporary “parking restricted” signs on the business day before.
  • Ahead of the seasonal sweeping on residential streets, the City also sends notices to the email in-boxes of residents who sign up for that free service, HERE. For previous releases, see HERE.
  • Or, to find out in advance what day your street is going to be swept, click on the map below and type in your address. You will see two dates. One date corresponds to the north or east side of your street (depending on which way it’s aligned), and one corresponds to the south or west side of the street.

Leaf Collection

The City of Covington's 2021 autumn leaf collection program runs from Oct. 21 to Dec. 17. 

To find out when Public Works crews will collect leaves on your street, use the interactive map to zoom in on your street, then click the cursor to get the two-day period for your street and the section number in which it falls. Crews will work only one side of the street at a time so residents can park on the other side. To see which side of the street is done first, use the date and the section number to zero in on the calendar below. (“S/W” stands for “south” and “west,” and “N/E” stands for “north” and “east.”)

Residents should follow these guidelines:

  • On-street parking is restricted on collection days, so watch for “No Parking” signs put up 24 hours in advance so you don’t get a ticket. 
  • Residents can rake or blow leaves to the curb – not into the street – a day ahead of crews’ arrival. Leaf piles should be placed away from obstructions such as parked vehicles, fire hydrants, mailboxes, water meters, and landscaping. The piles should contain only loose leaves and no other yard waste.
  • Any leaves that are not picked up during scheduled times can be called in for a re-scheduled pick up at (859) 292-2292.

View Full Map HERE

Snow Removal

The Department of Public Improvements (DPI) works hard to keep the streets safe during ice and snow emergencies. In order to be efficient in snow plowing efforts, DPI divides the city up into 14 different plow routes. These routes were designed to overlap in some areas to provide additional coverage.

The city divides the streets up by “Priority Level”

High Priority” Streets are typically major arterial and collector streets, or those abutting schools or hospitals. These streets are plowed within 6 hours from the first call out.

“Medium Priority” Streets are minor collector streets, typically serving a single subdivision, or cul-de-sac streets. These are plowed within 8 hours from the time a storm subsides.

“Low Priority” Streets are stop sign approaches, alleys, and some parking lots, and are plowed within 24 hours from the end of a storm.

Covington DPI is responsible for clearing 270 miles of streets and alleyways. Maintenance crews are prepared to work to keep roads in the best possible condition during winter weather.

If a snow warning is issued by the State or Kenton County, Covington snow crews will pre-treat our priority routes earlier in preparation and will remain on duty throughout the day and night as long as the snow continues.

The City of Covington has an interlocal agreement with other local cities and Kentucky for snow plowing. This means that not all streets in Covington are plowed by DPI. Some are maintained by the state, the county, and others by the cities of Taylor Mill, Erlanger, and Ft. Wright. In exchange, the City of Covington plows some roads for neighboring jurisdictions, including Kenton Vale.

To determine how soon your street will be plowed following a snow event, please reference the maps below. Interstate 275 is the boundary between the North and South sections.

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