The Engineering Department within the Department of Public Works provides administrative direction for managing the City’s roadway systems, design and construction projects, public improvement projects, infrastructure maintenance, and other engineering needs of the City.

Engineering also issues right-of-way permits, traffic control device requests, and promotes standards for street and sidewalk repairs and construction. Engineering is also responsible for overseeing the parking management of City parking facilities.

You can contact the Engineering Department at (859) 292-2112.


  • Encroachment Permit (Click to download)
    • All public service agencies, companies or corporations, persons and individuals wishing to dig into or open holes, ditches, or trenches in the sidewalk or roadway or to occupy the right-of-way of any streets, alleys, or public right-of-ways of the city to place, extend, or repair therein any pipes, conduits, or wires, or for any other reason, shall at least ten working days before proposing or preceding to do said work make application to and obtain the consent of the City Engineer. 
  • Traffic Control Device Request (Click to download)
    • This application must be submitted to request a preliminary study that will take into consideration traffic and pedestrian volumes, vehicular speeds, accident history, sign spacing, and other conditions. A field investigation will also be conducted.This process provides engineers and public works officials with enough information to reach decisions that will be in best interest of public safety and efficient street operation. A study will take approximately four weeks.
  • Parking Management
  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • OKI Regional Council of Governments

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