Read Ready Covington is a city wide early literacy initiative. Offering all residents access to diverse resources and information to use at home and on-the-go.

WHY? Families and our community need to better prepare our little ones with the early experiences they need to be ready for kindergarten to continue beinging successful through their school years.


For questions, comments, or volunteer opportunities, please reach out to

Free Apps


To find free Public Wi-Fi Locations in Covington click, HERE.

  • Registration on Footsteps2Brilliance is 100 percent free for Covington residents

  • The Footsteps2Brilliance app provides early literacy materials to Covington’s young children, their families, schools, and childcare centers. After downloading content it can be used even when not connected to the Internet. 

  • Using Footsteps2Brilliance together with the Clever Kids University app for just 15 minutes a day with their child allows Covington families to monitor their child’s learning as they listen, read, and interact with fun stories and games.

Register Today!

NOTE: This is only available for registering Covington children that are NOT already in an early childhood or school setting that uses Footsteps2Brilliance.

1. Visit:

  • Scroll to the button that says REGISTER HERE. 
  • Enter your Covington home or school zip code.  Choose your district to continue.
  • You will be asked, “Does your child already use Footsteps2Brilliance®?”
  • Click the Not Sure button and follow directions to identify whether your child is already enrolled. Follow the prompts to identify your child’s account- or enroll a child that does not yet have an account.
  • Follow the prompts to enroll yourself with your child’s account. Be sure each child has and uses their own account to accurately measure each child’s efforts.

2. Download Apps -

  • Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader and/or Footsteps2Brilliance. CLEVER KIDS is for ages 3-5 & F2B is for emerging to independent readers ages 4-9

Great news! Your child can use the app without Wi-Fi if you download content in advance. While still connected to the internet, download only the books, games, and activities your child will use in the coming weeks. Once that content is mastered, make sure your child’s work is uploaded to F2B; then erase that content from your device, and download new content.

* F2B is a private, secure app. This means your contact information is safe, and will never be shared outside the app itself. 

Create Your Own Outdoor Game

Summer is a vital time to use outdoor games to explore, expand, and prepare your young children for a successful transition back to school. CLICK HERE for  the directions and 4 Activity Challenge cards needed to create your own fun summer game. All you need in addition to these materials is chalk… and the fun together will follow!

Rainy Day keeping you inside – no problem! Just 15 minutes daily using the stories, songs, skill games, and projects in Footsteps2Brilliance or CleverKidsUniversity helps children continue to learn all year long.

For help logging into your child’s account, or to create an account for your children and yourself, contact us at or call 859-292-2301.

Congratulations to the 2020 Mayor’s Reading Challenge winners!

**Prize award selections are subject to demonstration of student performance and at the discretion of the City of Covington/Read Ready Covington in April 2020.

  • $500.00 First Prize: Owen Tobergta, James. E. Biggs student
  • $400.00 Second Prize: Cris Perez- Tomas, Glenn O. Swing student
  • $300.00 Third Prize: Alithea Gates, Sixth District student
  • $200.00 Fourth Prize: Micah Lewis, John G. Carlisle student
  • $100.00 Fifth Prize: Yubin Fosco, St. Augustine student

Become a Literacy Ambassador

Read Ready Covington’s calls each of us to share the importance of early literacy with everyone we meet. Early literacy includes more than just singing the Alphabet song and counting to ten. Literacy includes self-regulation, language development, social, and emotional growth, knowledge about one’s family and neighborhood, and development of a positive attitude toward learning of all kinds. RRC Literacy Ambassadors help spread the word about the urgent need to better prepare our young children for a strong start in Kindergarten.


Contact us with your ideas or to sign up!

  • Literacy Ambassadors are individuals that have committed to promoting early literacy with all residents throughout the geographic boundaries of Covington; including our families, neighbors, colleagues, students, childcare educators, employers, faith and civic leaders.  
  • Our RRC Ambassadors tell Covington families about the many resources and literacy events available throughout Covington.
  • RRC Ambassadors are called to share, demonstrate, and encourage use of the Clever Kids University and Footsteps2Brilliance apps for children, and the RRC parent support app made available to all Covington residents for free.
  • Ambassadors invite families to attend literacy events, help children to have books available for use in their homes, and  encourage the emergence of children’s strengths in preparation for Kindergarten and throughout their school years.

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