Public Art

Lots of cities have flood walls covered with exquisite historical scenes (and ours along the Ohio River are fabulous).

But Covington also has four-story buildings painted by the Brooklyn-based collaborative FAILE, faces of Jimi Hendrix and Andy Warhol, The London Police on the side of a multi-million-dollar townhome at a highly visible intersection, street murals by an artist from Turin (that’s Italy), and paintings and mosaics on overpasses, underpasses, pump houses, planter boxes, buildings, benches, and basically anything that doesn’t move or breathe.

We have so many public paintings and statues that web sites, pamphlets, and brochures aren’t enough to keep up with them.

One of these days, we’re going to create the ultimate master list. For now:


The Greater Cincinnati non-profit has a website, HERE, where you can see  pictures, descriptions, and the history of several series of murals in Covington, including:

  • Kentucky Natural History murals.
  • Licking River Greenway & Trail murals.
  • Covington Vision 2015 murals.
  • Northern Kentucky Panorama murals.

In particular, check out the NKY Art Tours’ “Gallery” section.

NKY Art Tours

A project of the Public Arts Network of NKY, this initiative has a website, HERE, where you can access pictures, descriptions, and virtual tours of several series of murals, statues, and sculptures, including:

  • The Roebling Murals at the Covington Waterfront.
  • The Central Business District tour.
  • The Riverside Drive Statue Tour.
  • The Covington Black History Tour.

Photo Album

Below are a few pictures that we’ve taken ourselves.

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