Covington's Code Enforcement Department ensures that the living and working environment within Covington is healthy and safe by enforcing the City's Property Maintenance, Nuisance, and Zoning Codes, which govern the proper maintenance and zoning of residential and commercial properties.

The Code Enforcement Department conducts periodic inspections of existing residential rental properties and commercial structures in an effort to ensure proper property management, which leads to the elimination of blight and the stabilization of neighborhoods.

The map below shows the areas that Covington has been divided into for Code Enforcement purposes and which specific Inspector is assigned to each area.

Have A Property Complaint?

You can notify the City about a possible code violation the following ways: 

Please be prepared to provide us with as much specific information as possible, such as:

  • Property address
  • Detailed description of the issue
  • Date and time you noticed the problem
  • Your contact information including telephone number

Code Enforcement Officers usually respond to all complaints within 24-48 hours. Once Code Enforcement has been notified of a complaint, staff conducts an on-site inspection of the property. If a code violation has been identified and is confirmed upon inspection of the property, a letter requesting remediation is sent to the owner of the property, notifying them that they have to correct the problem or they will receive a citation.

Have you received a Code Violation Citation?

If you receive a citation for an exterior code violation, you can do one of three things in response to the citation: Request Appeal/Hearing at the Code Enforcement Board

  1. Request Appeal/Hearing at the Code Enforcement Board: If you receive a citation for an exterior violation and you would like to appeal it, you must ask for an appeal/hearing at the Code Enforcement Board within 7 days of receipt of the citation. To schedule an appeal/hearing, please contact the Community Services Division at (859) 292-2323.
  2. Pay the Citation: If you do not want a hearing, you can pay the fine for the citation, but you must do that within 7 days of receipt of the citation. To make a payment, please contact the Finance Department at (859) 292-2181.
  3. Take No Action: If you do not ask for a Code Enforcement Board appeal/hearing, in writing, or pay the fine within 7 days, the City will move forward with the process of placing a lien on your property.

Please note: If you do not ask for a Code Enforcement Board appeal/hearing within 7 days of receiving a citation, you will not be able to appear before the Code Enforcement Board at a later time, and your only option will be to file an appeal with the Kenton Circuit Court.

If you own rental property and a lien gets filed, you will fall out of good standing with the City and will not be eligible to obtain a rental license for any of your properties.

To see if a lien is currently being processed on your property, click here.

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