The Code Enforcement Division protects the health and safety of Covington residents by enforcing Property Maintenance, Nuisance, and Zoning codes. The goals of the division are to increase residents’ quality of life, improve the aesthetics of neighborhoods, eliminate blight, preserve property values, and reduce crime.

Staff conducts periodic on-site inspections of properties, responds to complaints, and issues citations as needed. Note that it can takes months or longer for cases to wind their way through the process.

Property Maintenance Issues:

  • Residents can report concerns (such as trash and tall weeds, missing gutters and downspouts, standing water, broken sanitary waste systems, and unsafe trees) in one of three ways:

    You will need to provide the address of the property, a description of the issue, and the date and time you noticed the problem.

Rental Issues:

Code Enforcement Hearing Board:

Other Code Enforcement Responsibilities:

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