An “ordinance” is a law or regulation formally enacted by the Covington Board of Commissioners in accordance with the terms set forth by the Kentucky Revised Statutes. Certain ordinances are arranged in a “codified” manner, meaning that they are consolidated and organized into a systematic code. These are ordinances that are of a permanent and general nature.

The organization and numbering of Covington’s Code of Ordinances includes titles, chapters, and sections. Each section is self-identifying as to title, chapter, and section number. For example, Section 92.07 indicates that the section falls within Title IX (General Regulations), the chapter number is 92 (Nuisances), and the section number is 07 of Chapter 92 (Noise control). Generally, the numbering of chapters is not inclusive and often numbers are “skipped” or not assigned to account for future changes or past sections that may have been repealed.

Access the Covington Code of Ordinances here.

If you have any questions pertaining to the city's Code of Ordinances, please contact the Legal Department at (859) 292-2311 or the City Clerk at (859) 292-2314 or email

Recently Passed Ordinances. Please click on the links below to view the complete, executed Ordinance.











  •   O-28-18 Text Amendment to Zoning Ordinance Regarding Package Liquor
             O-29-18 Create the Position of Human Resources Generalist
             O-30-18 Create the Position of Procurement Officer
             O-31-18 Create the Position of Administrative Assistant
             O-32-18 Amend Chapter 74 Allowing the Operation of Certain Low-Speed Vehicles
             O-33-18 Create the Position of IT Help Desk Support
             O-34-18 Levying and Fixing an Ad Valorem Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2018-2019
             O-35-18 Amend Chapter 95 to Include Changes to Bulk Items and Excessive Trash Pickup Program
             O-36-18 Create the Position of Solid Waste and Recycling Supervisor
             O-37-18 Create the Position of Grant Writer
             O-38-18 Amend Section 38.04 to Add Representative to Devou Park Advisory Committee
             O-39-18 Amend Ordinance O-25-18 Relating to Condoview LLC's request for a Map Amendment
             O-40-18 Establish Commission Meeting Dates for January 2019
             O-41-18 Amend Section 75.53 and 75.54 Updating Hours and Fees for City Owned Garages and Parking Lots
             O-42-18 Amend Chapter 35 Establishing Contract Approval and Management Policies
             O-43-18 Create a New Chapter Titled City Industrial Revenue Bond Policy
             O-44-18 Amend Section 155.05 Changing the License Period for Rental Dwelling Licenses
             O-45-18 Rename a Portion of Seventh Street Battelle Lane


             O-01-19 Legislative and Caucus Meeting Dates 2019
  •          O-02-19 Text Amendment to Zoning Code Regarding Signage
             O-03-19 Amend Section 111.021 Regarding Sunday Alcohol Sales
             O-04-19 Text Amendment to Zoning Code Regarding Market Gardens
             O-05-19 Repeal Fiscal Stability Ordinance and Create New Chapter, General Fund Operating Reserve Fund Policy
             O-06-19 Amend Chapter 93 clarifying Special Event Application Requirements and Procedures
             O-07-19 Creation of New Chapter of Code of Ordinances City Debt Management Policy
             O-08-19 Amend O-26-18 Budget Ordinance Addressing Auditor Recommended Adjustment
             O-09-19 Amend Section 111.120 regarding Municipal Insurance Premium License Fee
             O-10-19 Vacating a Portion of Audubon Road
             O-11-19 Text Amendment to Zoning Code Regarding Projecting Signs
             O-12-19 Vacating a Portion of New Amsterdam Road
  •          O-13-19 Modifying Geographic Boundaries of Entertainment Destination Center
             O-14-19 Reenact Chapter 39 Establishing a Comprehensive Public Record and Transparency Policy
             O-15-19 Create the Position of IT Support Specialist
             O-16-19 Amend O-58-12 Regarding the Establishment of a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Area
             O-17-19 Amend Section 10.21 Updating References to Occupational Licenses
  •          O-18-19 Amend Chapter 110 "Business and Occupation Licenses Fees"
  •          O-19-19 Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Annual Budget
  •          O-20-19 Amend Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Annual Budget
             O-21-19 Map Amendment 3200 Madison Avenue
             O-22-19 Amend Chapter 32, "City Policy"   
             O-23-19 Closing a Portion of an Alley Parallel to Bakewell Street  
             O-24-19 Establish a Procurement Policy
             O-25-19 Amend Section 34.50, Positions Designated
             O-26-19 Amend Section 35.35, Financial Policies
             O-27-19 Repeal and Replace Section 34.01, Personnel and Pay Classification Plan
             O-28-19 Ad Valorem Tax Rates  
             O-29-19 Naming Alley "Eva G. Farris Way"
             O-30-19 Text Amendment -9P Designation in CBD Districts
             O-31-19 Map Amendment Rezoning Parcel at 303 Court Street to CDB-9P
             O-32-19 Create Chapter 43, City Financial Management policies
             O-33-19 Amend Section 35.51 Contract Approval and Management Policies 
             O-34-19 Repeal/Reenact Section 132.09, Panhandling, Begging and Solicitation
             O-35-19 Text Amendment Adding Package Liquor as an Accessory to Permitted Restaurant Use in IL Zones
             O-36-19 Map Amendment Rezoning 209 Greenup Street      
             O-37-19 Amend Section 30.01, Bonds of City Officials   
             O-38-19 Establish Legislative and Caucus Meeting Dates for 2020


  •          O-01-20 Amend Section 111.023, Alcoholic Beverages, City Administrator
             O-02-20 Amend Chapter 111, Regulating Mobile Food Vending Services
             O-03-20 Amend Section 72.57, Regulating Peddling Wares from Vehicles
             O-04-20 Repealing and Reenacting Chapter 96, Streets and Sidewalks
             O-05-20  Create Chapter 117 Uniform Set of Standards for Temporary Housing Shelters
             O-06-20 Creating and Establishing for bid a non-exclusive Telecommunications Franchise 
             O-07-20 Amend Chapter 111, Regulations Governing Specific Businesses
             O-08-20 Amend Chapter 6.34 Mobile Food Vending Services
             O-09-20 Issuance of General Obligation Bonds
             O-10-20 Re-appropriate 2019-2020 Budget       
             O-11-20 FY 2020-2021 Budget
             O-12-20 Map Amendment for Property Located at 1400 Highland Avenue 
             O-13-20 Amend Chapter 116, Jobs Development Incentives
             O-14-20 Map Amendment for Property Located at 17-25 West Eighth Street
             O-15-20 Amend Chapter 92, Nuisances
             O-16-20 Amend Sections of  Chapter 152, Property Maintenance Code
             O-17-20 Repeal and Reenact Chapter 155, Rental Dwelling Licensing
     O-18-20 Repeal Sections 94.50 through 94.64 of Chapter 94   

  • O-19-20 Create Section 32.19, Covington Urban Forestry Board