Read Ready Covington is a city -wide early literacy initiative that helps families, caregivers and educators prepare our littlest readers to become future leaders. By using free access to learning applications such as Footsteps2Brilliance® and Clever Kids University as well as other educational resources throughout the city, our shared goal creates an environment for lifelong learning in Covington that’s collaborative, comfortable and fun. Together, we are helping the children of Covington be prepared for a brighter future.




Free Apps

• Registration on Footsteps2Brilliance is 100 percent free for Covington residents

• The Footsteps2Brilliance app provides early literacy materials to Covington’s young children, their families, schools, and childcare centers. After downloading content it can be used even when not connected to the Internet. 

• Using Footsteps2Brilliance together with the Clever Kids University app for just 15 minutes a day with their child allows Covington families to monitor their child’s learning as they listen, read, and interact with fun stories and games. 

Register Today!

Note: Use this is only to register Covington children that are NOT already Registered at their school or childcare site that uses Footsteps2Brilliance. Ask your child's caregiver or teacher about use.
    Type the following:
    Note: This will allow you to create your free parent and child(ren) accounts.
    Follow directions on website. On the final page, you will see a username and password that can also be sent to your email address. 
    Use ANY smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer to download the F2B app.
    Use the unique code you receive for each of your children to log in to their account.
    Download ONLY select books, games, and activities you want to use in the coming weeks. Downloading all of it will slow down your device. 
Note: Delete those files when your child has mastered them. Then download new items from F2B and CKU. 
* F2B is a private, secure app. This means your contact information is safe, and will never be shared outside the app itself. 

For questions, comments, or volunteer opportunities, please reach out to

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