Roebling Point Plan


In July 2008, Progress with Preservation, the local Preservation Advocacy group and the group designated to implement the Preservation section of the Covington Strategic Plan, submitted an application to designate the area bounded by Scott Street on the west, Park Place on the north, Court Street on the west, 3rd Street on the north, Sanford Alley on the east, and 4th Street on the south as “Historic” and to extend the Ohio Riverside Historic Preservation Overlay Zone to the same area.

A public hearing was held on the issue of designating the area as “Historic” at both the October 20, 2008 and the December 15, 2008 Urban Design Review Board meetings. A public informational meeting was also held at the December 1, 2008 Progress with Preservation meeting. All property owners in the affected area were notified about these meetings.

At the February 24, 2009 Covington Board of Commissioner’s meeting, the area was designated as “Historic.” This designation simply means that the City finds that the area has architectural and historical value that should be preserved. At the same meeting the Board of Commissioners authorized the city to submit an application to the Kenton County Planning Commission for a map amendment to extend the HPO zone to the same area. 

On April 2, 2009 the Kenton County Planning Commission held a public hearing regarding the issue. At this meeting the Staff recommended that the HPO zone should be extended to the area and the KCPC recommended that the application should be denied. 

At the May 19, 2009 City Commission meeting another Public Hearing was held regarding the issue. On June 29, 2009 the City Commission had a first reading of an ordinance to establish the HPO zone over the original area minus the county building. June 30, 2009 the City Commission had a second and final reading of the ordinance and once this ordinance was signed the area was designated as a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. At this meeting the City Commission also concluded that it was necessary to undertake a study and plan of the area addressing the development concerns and to determine if the Historic Preservation Overlay zone is the best avenue for addressing these concerns


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