Leaf Collection Schedule


DPI's autumn leaf collection program runs through November to December. The City's schedule for leaf collection is based on the same zoned sections as the Street Sweeping Schedule. DPI will post leaf pick-up notices and No Parking signs in these target areas 24 hours before services begin.

Residents should follow these guidelines:

  1. Review the zone map and see when DPI crews plan to come to your area. Prepare leaves for curbside placement in time for when collection is scheduled in your area. Crews will take both loose leaves and bagged leaves.
  2. The day before DPI crews are scheduled to come to your area of residence, put the leaves at the curbside. When doing this, please do not block the right of way for pedestrians. Leaves should be raked or blown to the curb in a neat pile and not bagged.
  3. Any leaves that are not picked up during scheduled times can be called in for a re-scheduled pick up at 859.292.2292.

Leaf piles should be raked or blown to the curb and not into the street and away from obstructions such as parked vehicles, fire hydrants, mailboxes, fencing, landscaping, water meters, utility poles and guy wires. Leaf piles should contain only loose leaves and no other yard waste, such as tree or shrub trimmings. Leaf piles with foreign objects or placed near obstructions may NOT be collected.

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