Housing Choice Voucher Program Available Unit Listing


To view a listing of available units, please click on the link below. Listings feature 1 to 5 bedroom units.

Please note, these listings are provided as a courtesy only. There is no guarantee that these properties are still available.  We encourage you to also use other resources to find a unit such as (but not limited to): apartments.com, craigslist.org, local apartment guides, or newspapers. 

This list is not an endorsement by the City of Covington HCV Program of the Landlord/Owner or the property.  There is no guarantee that the rent being charged is reasonable or acceptable or that the unit listed will pass the Housing Quality Standards inspection.

We recommend that you speak to local law enforcement, utility companies, school districts and neighbors to ensure that the home you choose is appropriate for your family.


Link https://www.covingtonky.gov/government/services/neighborhood-services/housing-choice-voucher

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