Trash Collection - Green Stickers

As part of the changes to how trash is collected in the City, all trash is required to be placed inside City-issued trash cart for collection. However, the City understands that there will be instances throughout the year when property owners have more trash than what carts can hold, or items too large to fit inside a trash cart.

To accommodate for these instances, the City provides each household with 12 green stickers per year. These stickers allow residents to place additional waste items that do not fit inside the City-issued trash cart for curbside collection at no additional cost. One sticker can be used to dispose one large item or of up to six 30-gallon bags of trash or yard waste.

Residents can purchase additional stickers for large items through the City at a cost of $5 per sticker. If you continuously have more trash than what your trash cart can hold, please request additional trash carts from Rumpke. Participating in the City’s recycling program can also reduce trash.

When placing an item or items with green stickers at the curb for pick up please follow these guidelines:

  • Place one sticker on every large item or 30-gallon bag of trash set out for collection that is not contained in a cart. One sticker can be used for up to six additional bags of trash.
  • If you are disposing of yard waste, loose shrubbery or tree limbs must be bundled and tied in lengths no larger than 4 feet long and 2 feet wide.  Bundles should not exceed 50 pounds and should be marked with a green sticker.
  • Prepare large items for collection. For example, mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture should be wrapped and sealed in plastic and Freon should be properly removed from appliances.
  • Alert Rumpke 48-hours prior to the collection day of their intention of disposing of a large item.

Contact Name: Sheila Fields
Contact Phone: 859-292-2121
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