General Maintenance

Alley Cleaning

Please use this service request type to request cleaning of a public alley. Alley cleaning takes place year round and is performed by the General Maintenance Division in the Department of Public Improvements by request only. Anyone can make a request. Requests can take up to 10 business days to fulfill, weather permitting.

Contact Name: Allison Donaldson
Contact Phone: 859-292-2292
Contact E-Mail:

Alley Repair

For alley surfaces issues, please identify the specific alley location, provide a description of problem (i.e. pothole, re-paving) and describe the type of existing alley surface (i.e. dirt, concrete, brick). It is also helpful to provide any additional information specific to the proposed repair. The scheduled response time for this request type, weather permitting, is as follows:

  • Investigation: 5 business days
  • Temporary repairs: Performed by the General Maintenance Division within 5 business days
  • Alley re-paving: This service is based on annual funding authority and available resources. All Alley re-paving requests must be approved by the City Engineer. All re-paving requests are placed on a list for approval.

Contact Name: William Matteoli
Contact Phone: 859-292-2119
Contact E-Mail:

Animal Abatement

For requests to pick up dead animals in the public right of way including roads and sidewalks, and to bait sewers for rodents, please contact General Maintenance. Requests will be fulfilled within 2 days.

Contact Name: Allison Donaldson
Contact Phone: 859-292-2292

Leaf Collection

Please use this service request type to request collection of leaves. The autumn leaf collection program runs between November and January. No Parking Signs will be displayed in the area of pick-up by Department of Public Improvements (DPI) 24 hours in advance. Residents are asked to blow their leaves to the curb for the City's leaf truck to come by and vacuum them. Residents should pile leaves neatly and the curb and not bag them. 

For service outside the typical collection program period, please use the 'Yard Waste' service request type.

To view the Residential Leaf Collection Schedule and Map, click here.

Contact Name: Allison Donaldson
Contact Phone: 859-292-2292
Contact E-Mail:

Snow/Ice Removal

Please use this service request type for removal of snow and treatment of ice on streets. Public safety determines the priority for snow removal. Clearing and salting efforts are focused first on major roads, commuter thoroughfares and designated Snow Emergency Routes.

The City's Snow Team is committed to faster completion of plowing and salting along major roads and residential streets, however, residents are asked to please be patient and allow sufficient time for snow operations to be implemented as Covington is responsible for clearing 270 miles of streets and alleyways.

The city divides the streets up by “Priority Level”:

High Priority” Streets are typically major arterial and collector streets, or those abutting schools or hospitals. These streets are plowed within 6 hours from the first call out.

“Medium Priority” Streets are minor collector streets, typically serving a single subdivision, or cul-de-sac streets. These are plowed within 8 hours from the time a storm subsides.

“Low Priority” Streets are stop sign approaches, alleys, and some parking lots, and are plowed within 24 hours from the end of a storm.

Not all streets in Covington are plowed by DPI. Some are maintained by the state, the county, and others by the cities of Taylor Mill, Erlanger, and Ft. Wright. 

To determine how soon your street will be plowed following a snow event, please reference this map.


Contact Name: Allison Donaldson
Contact Phone: 859-292-2292

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