Community Services

Abandoned Vehicles - Private Property

Please use this service request to request the removal of a vehicle on private property. Please note that some circumstances, including when vehicles have been reported stolen, specific legal processes must be followed before removal is possible.

If the vehicle is determined to be dangerous by the Community Services Division, the Police will be notified for ticketing and/or removal. Reports of abandoned vehicles are addressed within 30 days if the vehicle is located on private property.

Contact Name: Code Enforcement
Contact Phone: 859-292-2323

Blight Complaints - Private Property

Please use this request if you observe blight within city boundaries on private property. This would include deteriorating and dilapidated buildings with such features as broken windows, collapsed roofs, hanging gutters, graffiti, and/or missing siding.

Contact Name: Code Enforcement
Contact Phone: 859-292-2323

Evictions - Landlords

The City of Covington is not involved in the eviction process unless the property involved is a Section 8 rental. For questions or issues related to evictions please contact a private attorney.

Evictions are filed with Kenton County District Court.

The Community Services Dept. provides a listing of eviction complaints to be used as a resource of landlords. Please see the evictions filed in Boone, Campbell, and Kenton District Courts since 2009. These lists are updated weekly. Please contact individual County offices for any questions pertaining to these lists.

Covington has adopted the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (URLTA), which lists the legal responsibilities of landlords and tenants. See Title XV, Chapter 153 of the City's Code of Ordinances.

Contact Name: Kenton County District Court
Contact Phone: 859-292-6521

Graffiti Removal - Private Property

Graffiti on private property can be reported to Code Enforcement who will notify the property owner. Please note it is the property owner's responsibility to remove all graffiti on private property. Residents are encouraged to contact the Police Department at 859-356-3191 if they witness graffiti tagging in progress.

Contact Name: Kim Strategier
Contact Phone: 859-292-2323
Contact E-Mail:

Grass and Weeds - Private Property

Please use this request to report high grass or weeds on private property. The City maintains yards on City-owned property and vacant properties where the owners can't be reached.

Contact Name: Code Enforcement
Contact Phone: 859-292-2323


Insect reports on private property must be reported to a private company for abatement. Or, if the situation is threatening your health, contact the Northern Kentucky Health Department (859-341-4264).

For tenants experiencing an insect problem that is not being addressed by landlords, please use this service to request an inspection by the Community Services Division.

Contact Name: Code Enforcement
Contact Phone: 859-292-2323

Litter Enforcement

Please use this request type to report improper disposal of trash or solid waste. Inspectors will issue tickets for violations such as using street litter cans for trash that should go in your own trash can, improperly posting signs in the public space, or having trash/recycling containers in public space before 6 p.m. the day before trash collection day or after 12 p.m. on the day after.

Business property owners may be cited for not having licensed trash and recycling haulers or not having frequent enough solid waste collections.

Contact Name: Code Enforcement
Contact Phone: 859-292-2323
Contact E-Mail:

Parking Enforcement

Normal operating hours for parking enforcement operation are generally from 800 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Parking enforcement requests may not be completed within the established time frame if requests are made at night, on the weekend, or government holidays, or during extreme weather such as storms or snow emergencies.

Contact Name: ABM
Contact Phone: 859-431-7049

Property - Code Violations

Please use this service request type to report any identified code violations observed on residential or commercial property within the City. Code Enforcement staff will investigate the complaint within 20 business days depending upon the request.

Contact Name: Code Enforcement
Contact Phone: 859-292-2323

Signs - New and Removal Requests

Please use this request for new street signs and requests to remove street signs. Requests must be received by filling out the Traffic Control Device Request form for any new sign installations, including stop signs, yield signs, speed limit signs, no parking signs, and other traffic control signs. Once the Traffic Control Device Request form is submitted, Engineering Staff will review the request and respond within 30 days of the submission.

Contact Phone: 859-292-2112

Traffic Calming Investigation

This service request type pertains to pedestrian safety, speed study requests and any other type of traffic calming measures. For information regarding traffic calming measures, contact the Community Services Division. For recurrent speeding issues, please contact the Police Department for enforcement. Please note that 'Children at Play' signs are no longer being installed as studies have shown they do not reduce speed and they encourage children to think it is safe to play in the street when it is not. Please note that the City does not install speed humps/bumps. In order for these to be effective to reduce speed, studies have shown that many need to be installed and these slow emergency vehicle response time to the area and makes snow removal difficult. Call 859 292 2323 to request a traffic calming investigation.

Contact Phone: 859-292-2112

Traffic Signals Investigation

Please use this service request type for traffic signal issues. Please provide the specific location of the traffic signal (i.e. NE corner, SW corner, etc.) and describe the specific problem, (i.e. flashing, all-out, red out, pedestrian signal out, etc.).

The scheduled response time for traffic signal maintenance is as follows:

  • All signals out: 6 hours
  • Twisted or turned head: 6 hours
  • Bulb replacement: 6 hours
  • Pedestrian signal out: 6 hours
  • School flasher inoperative: 30 days
  • Signal timing change: 30 days

Note: Requests for "new" traffic signals require an investigation determination, rulemaking and publication in the DC Register (if approved). Funding identification, design, and construction are also necessary. Please note that if this request is approved, it could take up to 24 months for completion.

Contact Phone: 859-292-2112

Utility Repair Investigation

Please use this service request type to report and/or determine the status of utility service projects related to cuts made on roadways. Please also use this request type if the work performed is not satisfactory.

Contact Phone: 859-292-2112

Vacant Property Maintenance

Please use this service request type to request trash removal and/or grass cutting on lots with trash or high grass/weed issues. Please also use this request type to secure a structure on a vacant property, such as an open door or window.

Contact Name: Code Enforcement
Contact Phone: 859-292-2323

Waste & Recycling Landlord Toolkit

To help landlords share information on trash and recycling procedures, the City and Rumpke have created Landlord Toolkits with trash guidelines, schedules, and maps.

To download the Waste & Recycling Landlord Toolkit, click here.

Contact Name: Sheila Fields
Contact Phone: 859-292-2121
Contact E-Mail:

Zoning Concerns

Please use this service type request to inquire about any private property use or improvement concerns. Also, use this service type request to confirm whether or not a permit has been issued for a certain activity. 

Contact Name: Zoning Office
Contact Phone: 859-292-2135

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