Historic Covington Design Guidelines


The Historic Covington Design Guidelines give detailed guidance to property owners contemplating alterations to structures and sites within Covington’s Historic Preservation Overlay Zones. The Historic Covington Design Guidelines are used when making decisions regarding approval or denial for a Certificate of Appropriateness.

All exterior work in the 12th Street Corridor Redevelopment Plan Area must correspond to the 12th Street Design Guidelines.

Historic Covington Design Guidelines (Entire Document)  

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Changes to the Building Exterior

2.1 Masonry

2.2 Tuckpointing Masonry

2.3 Wood and Siding

2.4 Painting

2.5 Roofs, Gutters and Downspouts

2.6 Windows, Storm Windows, and Shutters

2.7 Doors

2.8 Porches, Entrances and Decks

2.9 Architectural Metals

2.10 Storefronts and Commercial Facades

2.11 Rear and Secondary Entrances

2.12 Awnings

2.13 Utilities and Energy Retrofit

2.14 Accessibility and Safety

3.0 Site and Setting

3.1 Public Streetscape and Open Space

3.2 Site Features and Ground Surfaces

3.3 Walls and Fences

3.4 Driveways and Off-Street Parking

3.5 Lighting

3.6 Signs

4.0 New Construction

4.1 Additions and Decks

4.2 Infill Construction

5.0 Demolition

5.1 Demolition

5.2 Relocation

6.0 Appendices

6.1 Architectural Terms

6.2 Resources for Technical Information

6.3 Architectural Styles in Covington

6.4 HPO Zone Descriptions and Maps

6.5 Bibliography and Resources



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